Experience the Tropical Pacific in Guam




Amazing Display of Island Culture

Guam, being part of the Micronesia islands chain in the Pacific, is known to be a tropical paradise with a rich island culture and heritage. At Fish Eye, we bring you exactly that...a true experience of island culture. You will notice the beautiful island visuals, abundance of colors, elements such as a variety of local flowers and plants, native costumes, local songs and dance shows, island flavors in our delicious cuisine, sea life underwater, and so much more. Our staff and performers will show you true island hospitality. We provide an amazing display of island culture, through sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch.


Delicious Tropical Cuisine

Come indulge in a wonderful, delicious island cuisine at Fish Eye. You will love the unique, amazing flavors in the array of food we offer daily. Our dishes are ideal for the entire family, with something to please every one. Enjoy exquisite meats, seafood, vegetables, tropical fruits, desserts, drinks, and island cocktails.  Fish Eye is popular for providing a grand feast for our guests, and it is especially enhanced with the Island Cultural Dinner Show.


Exciting Adventures for Everyone

At Fish Eye, we want to bring the tropical experience to everyone, fun for the solo traveler, couples, families, and large groups. Most of our activities are well-suited for families and children. We offer activities in the Day or Night. Plus, we also offer activities on Land or Sea. Truly, we offer a variety of things to do, which no other facility in Guam can offer. If you need special assistance, let us know how we can help make your adventure at Fish Eye even more exciting.


One with Sea and Nature

At Fish Eye, we strongly believe in supporting and sustaining our oceans and sea life. All our activities and best practices abide by the philosophy of being one with the sea and nature. We support coral reef preservation and keeping our natural habitats clean, free of damage and pollution. We are sure, as a guest at our facilities, you will come to enjoy being one with the sea and nature, as well.


Safe & Fun Ocean Activities

At Fish Eye, we want to make sure our guests are having a great, fun time. However, safety is our number one priority. We assure that our staff and operators are fully trained and would guide you, so you can have the best time in a safe and comfortable environment. Most of our activities are ideal for families, including children.  The ocean around us is breathtakingly beautiful. At Fish Eye, we want to provide an experience that you can always remember as one of your best. Do let us know if you need special assistance so we can enhance your experience.