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Dinner Menu

Island Dinner Buffet

The dinner buffet is updated to comply with the new normal and is provided by a combination of table service and a buffet served by our staff. The buffet is themed around Island Style Cuisine, ranging from appetizers from the Micronesia and Polynesia Islands and hot dishes from steak grilled on a Teppan (hot griddle) to Asian flavored seafood dishes. Complete your appetite with a wide selection of delicious desserts. Soft drinks are included with the buffet.

Salad & Soup

  • Today's Salad

    Today's Soup

Islanders Appetizers

  • Assorted seasonal island favorite appetizers, such as local Kelaguen,
    Hawaiian Poke, Tahitian Fish Salad, etc.

Hot Dishes

  • Beef Steak

    Roast Beef (April to September)

    Roast Ham with Steamed Vegetable (October to March)

    Shrimp with Chili Sauce

    Cajun Shrimp

    Grilled Vegetables

    Seafood Cream Croquette

    Stewed Pork

    Fillet of Fish with Black Bean Sauce

    Sweet and Sour Meat Balls

    Steamed Rice & Miso Soup

    Bread & Butter

Cold Dishes

  • Assorted Nigiri Sushi & Healthy Sushi Rolls

    Cold Udon Noodle


  • Ice Cream

    Chef's Special Desserts (5 kinds)

Full Course Menu for Deluxe course

If you prefer to be served stylishly at your table our Deluxe Dinner Course is the right plan for you. An elegant 6 course dinner with the main course of T-bone Steak - which may be substituted with Fish Meuniere with advance request - will be the highlight of your delicious meal.

Adult (12 years & up)

  • Amuse Bouche

    Marinated Norway Salmon

    Chilled Pumpkin Soup with Pearl

    Chef's Salad

    T-Bone Steak (*Alternate menu)

    Assorted Dessert

    Coffee or Tea

    Bread & Butter

Child (6 - 11 years)

  • Seafood Combination

  • Chilled Pumpkin Soup with Pearl

  • Assorted Kids Plate

    • (Diced Steak)

      (Deep Fried Prawn with Tartar Sauce)

      (Omelet & French Fries)

      (Roll Sushi & Inari Sushi)

  • Ice Cream

Infant (0 - 5 years)

  • Today's Soup

  • Assorted Infant Plate

    • (Mini Hamburger)

      (Deep Fried Shrimp)

      (French Fries)

      (Roll Sushi & Inari Sushi)

  • Ice Cream