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Dragonflies and butterflies dance during the day and the moon and stars shine bright at night! Fish Eye restaurant is filled with a tropical ambiance!


The restaurant is located across the street from the underwater observatory set in a natural tropical garden. A large aquarium with tropical fish and authentic Tiki statues are displayed in the entrance area. 

The entrance to the restaurant is decorated with several Tiki statues created by artists from the Pacific Island and surrounds an aquarium full of tropical fishes that also can be viewed from the underwater observatory. The powerful spirit of the South Pacific Islands can be felt here.

A place to take souvenir photos.

The restaurant is an open-air theater facing a manmade lagoon and a waterfall with a replica of a native bungalow. Experience the warm tropical ambiance live musical entertainment and demonstrations of Tiki statue carving.
The lunch buffet includes specially prepared island-style seafood, a meat station, and our popular curry and cold noodle (somen) with many toppings to choose from, plus freshly cooked pancakes with a variety of toppings.

Join our Coconut Experience and learn all about the use of coconuts, husk, and taste.

The restaurant theater takes on an impressive look as it is illuminated. 

For the best souvenir from Guam, Fish Eye originally designed pareo comes in a variety of colors. These colorful and light weighted pareos can be worn in many ways. Feel free to ask our staff for the advice

You'll see many of the fascinating framed photos taken by the famous underwater photographer Tim Rock.

A locker facility, outdoor shower, and separate changing rooms.

The dolphin-watching cruise and sunset cruise departs from a marina located around 15 minutes by car. Depending on the condition of the sea, the cruises may depart from either the Agat or Agana Marina.

Fish Eye Restaurant

Hours of Operations:  Open daily (year-round)
  Lunch Buffet from 11 am to 2 pm (reservations are not needed)
  Seafood Dinner Buffet with Dinner Show (reservations are required)
Facility overview

  Open-air restaurant theater (220 seat capacity)

  Island-style stage surrounded by lagoon and tropical gardens.

  ADA-compliant accessible for individuals with disabilities
(as mandated by the United States “Americans with Disability Act”)

  Show audio system

  Underwater Photo display

  Outdoor shower and changing rooms with lockers

  Parking lot (capacity for 5 large tour buses and 30 regular-sized motor vehicles)

Tropical flowers are found blooming in Fish Eye’s natural garden.