Enjoy the tropical magic of the South Pacific Island of Guam at Fish Eye Marine Park...

Day or Night!  Land or Sea!


Underwater Observatory & Coconut Experience

A visit to the Underwater Observaotry combined with a hands-on experience with the coconut, known as the "tree of life".

Observe coral reefs without getting wet at the Underwater Observatory located in the Piti Bay Marine Reserve, a paradise for marine life with more than 200 species of fish and 80 species of coral. With the coconut experience program, Taste the juice and pulp of the freshly harvested coconut and try your hand at grating the meat out of the coconut shell. Enjoy dessert time with coconut milk extracted from the pulp of the coconut.

Island Costume & Coconut Experience

A special Pacific Island cultural immersion program. Take memorable pictures with local performers!

Island Costume & Coconut Experience

Fish Eye Island Cultural Dinner Show

The finest cuisine and the most amazing cultural revue in the western Pacific.

Take pleasure in our dinner buffet of sumptuous, satisfying island cuisine. We feature many regional dishes uniquely enhanced by Fish Eye's highly skilled chefs. Combine this with our exciting and unrivalled island cultural show performed by Fish Eye's legendary Mana-hune dance group. Soak in the ambience of the Garden Restaurant’s lagoon, waterfall, and lush tropical plants. This unforgettable experience is a feast for the senses!

Island Cultural Dinner Show with Backstage Tour

The exclusive option to include the Island Cultural Dinner Show! Our Entertainers will take you on a behind-the-scenes tour!

After being greeted by professional dancers and handed tropical beverages, you will be led backstage to view the show's costumes, instruments, and accessories. You are welcome to photograph the dancers on stage against the backdrop of the tropical jungle and waterfall. The Dinner Buffet is created to delight the Japanese palette and incorporates island food. Priority seating is given so that you can see the show up close and experience the suspense as the performance begins with a strong drum beat.

Sunset Cruise and Observatory with Island BBQ Dinner

Feel the comforting breeze while you enjoy the spectacular sunset over the ocean!